T-FUEL Natural Testosterone Booster

An all natural testosterone booster for the man in you

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How Much T-FUEL to Take?

Depending on dose needed, you'll get somewhere between 5 - 15 weeks use out of T-FUEL. Many factors are involved so everything is on an individual basis. Age, weight, nutritional intake, stress levels, exercise, sleep patterns, BEER consumption (sorry guys), all affect testosterone levels. That being said, some require three droppers per night while others get results with two, or even one.

You will definitely need to experiment to determine what the correct dose is for you. If 3 droppers is working very well then try 2 to see what the difference is. From that you'll know whether or not to go back to 3 or to try just 1.

After 6 months or so, some longer some less, the body will re-establish its own rhythm and you'll likely require even less or perhaps none at all. Give T-FUEL time to help your body rebuild. It is not a get it up now Viagra type formula. However, it is the system that will eventually make ALL libido and testosterone boosters irrelevant and no longer needed.

Note: If T-FUEL happens to make your condition worse (when you first begin using it) then you are not too bad off to begin with. Just keep reducing the dose until you find that "sweet spot" where you have a hard erection most of the night during sleep. That is an indicator that your body is producing the maximum level of testosterone. If this "note" accurately describes your situation, congratulations, you'll probably only need one course of T-FUEL to restore back to full production.

T-FUEL isn't a magic bullet type product, to get the most out of it be sure to read and follow the suggestions and avoid these estrogen mimic foods, and for general information The Importance of Testosterone.

It is best not to take any other t-boosting nutritionals' or prescriptions while using this product because they could interfere with the natural rhythm (cycling) being established. Over time this formula will help your body rebuild and reestablish its own hormone production.

Unlike test boosters T-FUEL isn't a life sentence, at some point you won't need to take it anymore, or any other product for testosterone, again.

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